Secret Antelope Canyon with Tower Butte

Explore all of the most exciting natural destinations in Page, Arizona - including Tower Butte, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, and Secret Antelope Canyon.



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There are many places in the Southwest visitors from all over the world flock to experience and add to their personal life adventures. An intricate fact of this region is the beautiful desert landscapes. Near the small town of Page, Arizona are two sought out destinations vacationers visit – Secret Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. In plain sight, surrounded by the massive waters of Lake Powell stands Tower Butte – a 5,000-foot rock formation only accessible by helicopter. This encompassing day tour offers visitors an experience of a lifetime along with prized self-taken photos of these prominent social media destinations.

 This tour includes an exciting and thrilling helicopter flight to the top of Tower Butte. Views from atop the butte include the amazing desert scenery combined with the deep bluish-green waters of Lake Powell. The helicopter experience concludes with a flight past Horseshoe Bend providing stunning views and photo opportunities. Secret Antelope Canyon is a hidden slot canyon gem. Your guided tour will allow you to photograph the colorful sandstone layered walls and light beams piercing through the narrow openings above. Top-off the day with edge-thrilling ground views and more photo opportunities of Horseshoe Bend from an exclusive lookout point away from the crowds.

Please note: Due to the sandy footing in Antelope Canyon this tour is not wheelchair-accessible. Sturdy shoes are highly recommended.



  • ヘリコプター
  • 端に立つ


  • 上空より望むパウエル湖、グレン・キャニオン・ダム、ホースシュー・ベンドの絶景
  • ファーストクラスの EcoStar EC130 ヘリコプター
  • Stadium seating
  • Landing on top of Tower Butte
  • Guided tour of Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend


  • Flight Duration: Approximately 20-25 分
  • Tour Duration: Approximately 4.5 hours

What to Bring

  • 身分証明書をお忘れなく。すべてのお客様は、政府の発行した身分証明書が必要です。
  • できるだけ早めにツアーをご予約ください。
  • 水:ボトル入り飲料水の持ち込みは可能ですが、航空機内での開栓はお控えください。
  • カメラをお忘れなく! カメラと携帯電話は自由にご使用いただけます。ただし航空機内や周囲での「自撮りスティック」、延長カメラ・ポールの使用は固く禁止されておりますのでご注意ください。
  • 服装について。3 月〜 9 月は重ね着をお勧めします。10 月中旬〜 3 月は冬服をご着用ください。